914.    ----------------.  [FIELDNER, A. C.]  Production of Liquid Fuels From Coal and Lignite.  Synthetic Liquid Fuels Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Public Lands and Surveys, U.S. Senate, 78th Cong., 1st sess., on S. 1243, 1944, pp. 168-178.

     Review of the production of liquid fuels by the Bergius coal hydrogenation and the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis processes.  Estimated costs of production are taken from the paper by W. S. Farish (abs. 879).  Bureau of Mines estimates for steel requirements differ somewhat from those stated in the above paper:  8.8 tons per bbl. of gasoline, as compared to 14.1 tons for a coal-hydrogenation plant; and 14.3 tons, as compared to 8.9 tons for a Fischer-Tropsch plant.