913.    ---------------.  [FIELDNER, A. C.]  Production of Liquid Fuels From Coal and Lignite.  Bureau of Mines Statement, Aug. 4, 1943; U.O.P. Co. Lib. Bull., No. 34, 1943.

     Review of developments in the production of liquid fuels from coal by low-temperature carbonization, shale oil, and coal hydrogenation, both direct and indirect.  It is estimated that the direct hydrogenation requirements for steel for plant and equipment are from 8.8-14.1 ton per bbl. of gasoline per day.  Aside from the amount of steel, multi-stage compressors, special alloy-steel pressure vessels, and special electrical equipment would be required.  The Fischer-Tropsch process does not need as much special equipment but must have more steel per barrel of gasoline, 8.9-14.3 tons.