897a.    ---------------.  [FERRERO, P.]  [Chemical Utilization of Gas Collected in Coal Mines.]  Pubs. Assoc. Ing. Faculté Polytech.  Mons, 1952, No. 1, pp. 74-78.  Chem. Abs., vol. 46, 1952, p. 7736.

       Many ways might be found to chemically utilize the gas (grisou) emanating in coal mines.  Grisou contains 90% CH4, 8% air, and small amounts of C2H4, H2 and CO2.  Processes are reviewed for converting grisou to town gas and to synthesis gas for manufacture of NH3 or MeOH by steam reaction in the presence of catalysts or by partial oxidation.  Also mentioned are the manufacture of C2H2, HCN by various methods, chlorination, nitration, Oxo reaction, Fischer-Tropsch process.