888.    FELDMAN, J., PANTAZOPLOS, P., PANTAZOPLOS, G., AND ORCHIN, M.  Design, Construction and Operation of a Distillation Laboratory for the Synthetic Liquid Fuels Program.  Bureau of Mines Rept. of Investigations 4764, February 1951, 4 pp.

     Detailed description with numerous diagrams and figures, of the distillation laboratory at Bruceton, Pa., which was established to aid in the separation and identification of the products produced in the synthetic liquid fuel process.  Compounds present in synthetic liquid fuels may include aliphatics C1-C60 or greater.  Alcohols, ketones, esters, aliphatic carboxylic acids, saturated hydrocarbons, olefins, and diolefins are all found in Fischer-Tropsch products.  Coal hydrogenation products contain, in addition to aliphatic compounds, a large proportion of naphthenic material and aromatic compounds ranging from benzene to coronene; in addition, appreciable amounts of tar acids and bases are present.  In designing the laboratory, provision had to be made for the greatest amount of flexibility and versatility.  A great deal of standardization of basic equipment had also to be designed to permit interchange of parts and services.