882.    FARUP, P.  [Catalytic Influence of Ores on the Decomposition of Carbon Monoxide.]  Tids. Kjemi Bergvesen, vol. 6, 1926, pp. 1-6, 15-17; Chem. Abs., vol. 21, 1927, p. 1243.

     Catalytic decomposition of CO in the presence of Fe oxides has been studied experimentally at 400-500, the interval of maximum efficiency of this reaction.  Pieces of different species of Fe ore, concentrates, and briquets were heated in a current of pure CO and the formation of CO2 and C was observed and measured.  Briquetted ore has a catalytic effect several times greater than that of fresh ores and concentrates.  The burning temperature of the briquets could not be seen to have an influence upon the catalytic efficiency, nor was this considerably reduced in briquets burned with a small addition of CaCO3 or NaCl.