876.    ---------------.  [FARAGHER, W. F. AND HORNE, W. A., HOWES, D. A., SCHINDLER, H., CHAFFEE, C. C., WEST, H. L., AND ROSENFELD, L.]  Supplemental Report on Ruhrchemie A. G., Sterkrade-Holten, Ruhr.  Oxo Process.  CIOS Rept. XXXII-96, 1945, pp. 17-19; TOM Reel 196; PB 1366.

     Economic estimate as of Mar. 4, 1943, is given of the operating costs for 12,000 tons per yr. of fatty alcohols based on pilot-plant operation, 1/10 commercial size.  Material input was 12,000 tons olefins at RM 0.40 per kgm., 6,000,000 N m.3 water gas at RM 0.04 per N m.3, 3,000,000 N m.3 H2 at RM 0.075 per N m.3 with total material, operating and capital costs of RM 9,387,070 or RM 78.23 per 100 kg. fatty alcohol.  2 flow sheets of the process are attached.