873.    FARAGHER, W. F. AND HORNE, W. A., HOWES, D. A., SCHINDLER, H., CHAFFEE, C. C., WEST, H. L., AND ROSENFELD, L.  Supplemental Report on Ruhrchemie A.-G., Sterkrade-Holten, Ruhr.  CIOS Report XXXII-96, 1945, 92 pp. TOM Reel 196; PB 1366; British Abs., 1948, B II, p. 287.

     Contains information on the manufacture of toluene from n-heptane, synthetic lubricating oil from Fischer-Tropsch olefins, a laboratory test for activity of the Fischer Co catalyst, an estimate of the operating costs of the Oxo process, the direct synthesis of higher alcohols from water gas, preparation of the Fe Fischer catalyst, the methanization of coke-oven gas-catalyst and process, oxidation of paraffin wax with N oxides to produce fatty acids, product testing and utilization of fuels and lubricating oils produced by Ruhrchemie A.-G.