870.    FALTIN, H.  [Problems of Heat Transmission in the Construction of Contact Synthesis Furnaces.]  Die Technik, vol. 3, 1948, pp. 457-464; Chem. Abs., vol. 43, 1949, p. 2475.

      Effect of the heats of reaction in both endothermal and exothermal processes on the requirements of available space in the reaction chamber and arrangements for carrying away the heat developed or supplying any heat required to make the process isothermal are discussed.  Furnace design is explained.  Endothermal processes comprise disintegration of CO2 into CO and O, or dehydration.  Exothermal processes are oxidation, hydration, chlorination, polymerization, etc.

      FANKUCHEN, I.  See abs. 1617.