868.    FALCKE, V., AND FISCHER, W.  [Equilibrium Between Carbon Monoxide, Carbon and Carbon Dioxide.  Reaction Between Ferrous Oxide and Carbon, and Between Carbon Monoxide and Iron.]  Ztschr. Elektrochem., vol. 32, 1926, pp. 194-201; Chem. Abs., vol. 20, 1926, p. 3626.

     Numerous determinations of the equilibrium constant for the reaction C+CO2=2CO may be expressed log Kp=-(8351/T)+0.242 log T-5.65X104T+4.60X10-8T2-log T+9.504.  The heat of the reaction (vanít Hoff equation) is 36,600 cal. at T=958.  In the presence of excess free Fe the reaction is not CO2+Fe=CO+FeO.  Fe3C is formed and hence in presence of Fe, not saturated with C, the equilibrium constants deviate from the above equation decidedly.

      FALLOT, M.  See abs. 1279.