857.    EWENS, R. V. G.  Constitution of Certain Binuclear Metallic Carbonyls and Nitrosyls. Nature, vol. 161, 1948, pp. 530-531; Chem. Abs., vol. 42, 1948, p. 4484.

     Discussion of the resonance structure proposed by Jenson and Asmussen for Fe2(CO)9.  A covalent Fe-Fe link is preferred on the basis of X-ray and diamagnetic data, as well as color (see Powell and Ewens, abs. 2736).  Structures of a similar nature are proposed for Co2(CO)8, Fe nitrosyl compounds, Fe(NO)2X, where X is SK, Cl, I, SC2H5, Sc6H5, or S2O3K.

                  ----------.  See abs. 2736.

      EWIG, K.  See abs. 3324.