849.    EROFEEV, B. V., RUNTSO, A. P., AND VOLKOVA, A. A.  [Kinetics of the Catalytic Reduction to Hydrocarbons of Carbon Monoxide by Hydrogen on a Cobalt-Thorium Catalyst.]  Acta Physiocochim.  U.R.S.S., vol. 13, 1940, pp. 111-122 (in German); Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, pp. 1690-1691.

     Kinetics of the reaction nCO + 2nH2 = CnH2n + nH2O at 200 were studied on a Co : Th : SiO2 = 100 : 15 : 100 catalyst prepared by treatment of the nitrates with K2CO3, addition of ethyl orthosilicate, and reduction with H2 at 400.  With carefully purified H2 and CO the yield of liquid CnH2n was 60-70 cc. per m.3 gas.  The experimental data satisfy the equations, A = a+(b/uo), uk = cuo b, π = Auo = auo + b, where uo and uk = volume velocity of gas entering and leaving, A = contraction, π = capacity and a, b, c are constants.  These results indicate that the reaction is of zero order on a catalytic surface of the first kind.  The capacity increases with increasing streaming velocity; this fact indicates that the adsorption of the reaction products depends strongly on their partial pressures; greater streaming velocity increases the surface available for reaction.

     ERSHOV, N. I.  See abs. 798, 802, 802b, 802c.