810.    ELIOT, T. Q., GODDIN, C. S., AND PACE, B. S.  Chemicals From Hydrocarbon Synthesis.  Oil Gas Jour., vol. 48, No. 1, 1949, p. 112.

     Abstract of paper presented at American Institute of Chemical Engineers meeting, Tulsa.  Commercial hydrocarbon-synthesis plants in this country, based upon a modified Fischer-Tropsch reaction, will produce a variety of aliphatic oxygenated compounds as byproducts.  Typical yields of chemicals are presented for a commercial hydrocarbon plant designed to produce 7,000 bbl. per day of liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas.  The distribution of these chemicals, ranging from low-molecular weight, water-soluble materials to high-molecular-weight, oil-soluble materials, is reviewed.  Recovery of the byproduct chemicals as crude mixtures from the several synthesis product streams is described.  Emphasis is placed upon problems relating to the separation and manufacture of specification-grade chemicals from these crude mixtures.  The need for additional fundamental data on physical properties and equilibrium behavior of the individual components and mixtures is indicated.

     ELKIN, E. M.  See abs. 3264, 3265, 3266.

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