809.    ELIAN, J.  [Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbons by the Induschimie-Carsyn Process.]  Induschimie Fabricators for the Chemical Industries, Brussels, 1941, 23 pp.

     Prospectus briefly reviews development of the Fischer-Tropsch process, discusses reaction mechanism based on the carbide theory, and gives an economic study of the process with calculations on the cost of production of primary oil.  The conclusions are based largely on the results of experiments carried out over a period of time at the University of Liège.  The chief modification resulting from the research is in the use of active metal carbides as catalysts.  It is stated that yields have been increased thereby by about 45%, and a more precise control of the nature of the product is obtained.  A flow sheet of the process illustrates the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas or byproduct gases from petroleum refining.  The process is patented, and the Ruhrchemie A.-G. controls the rights in Germany for utilization of the patent on catalysts.  (See U.S. Patent 2,369,548.)