804a.    EISCHENS, R. P.  Exchange Between Chemisorbed and Gaseous Carbon Monoxide on Reduced Iron  Am. Chem. Soc., 120th Meeting Abs., September 1951, p. 15 G.

       Exchange between chemisorbed and gaseous CO at –78° goes at markedly different rates on various portions of the Fe surface.  There are relatively few of these portions and the rate within each is constant.  The exchange goes fastest on the portions where the chemisorption bond is weakest.  The most strongly bonded CO is easiest to oxidize to CO2; however, this observation must be qualified to take into account the effect of temperature.  CO is taken up by  “slow chemisorption” or carbonyl formation exchanges at a measurable rate.  There is no appreciable difference in the properties of C14O and CO in the chemisorption on Fe.