802b.    EIDUS, Y. T., ERSHOV, N. I., BATUEV, M. I. AND ZELINSKIĬ, N. D.  [Catalytic Hydrocondensation of Carbon Monoxide With Olefins.  VI.  Hydrocondensation of Carbon Monoxide With n-Butylene.]  Izvest. Akad. Nauk S.S.S.R., Otdel. Khim. Nauk, 1951, pp. 722-727; Jour. Inst. Petrol., vol. 38, 1952, p. 215A.

       Experiments were carried out on equimolecular mixture of H2 and C4H8+2.6-6% of CO, under the same conditions as previously.  At 2.6% CO 100% of CO and 97.1% of C4H8 react, at 6% CO, 100%, and 70.4% respectively.  30-35% of the C4H8 is reduced to C4H10.  Liquid products, >C4, have b. p. 28-276 C, and consist of aliphatic hydrocarbons, unsaturates 28%.  After hydrogenation liquid condensate was fractionated; analysis (Raman spectra) showed 24% C5 (about half of which is isopentane), 15% C6, 8% C7, 8% C8, 9% C9, as well as higher hydrocarbons.