796.    EIDUS, Y. T., ELAGINA, N. V., AND ZELINSKII, N. D.  [Synthesis of Olefin Hydrocarbons From Primary Alkyl Magnesium Halides and Carbon Monoxide Under Pressure.]  Bull. Acad. Sci. U.R.S.S., Classe Sci. Chim., 1945, pp. 672-674; Chem. Abs., vol. 42, 1948, p. 5838.

     Effect of changing the halide in 2 examples of Fischer and Stoffers’s reaction between Grignard reagents and CO under pressure is studied.  The substitution of BuMgBr and iso-AmMgCl for BuMgCl and iso-AmMgBr yields the same products, 4-nonene and 2 8-dimethyl-4-nonene, respectively, but the yields are 25.4% and 51% instead of 51% and 53.6%, respectively.