788.    ---------------.  [EIDUS, Y. T.]  [Synthesis of Liquid and Solid Hydrocarbons from Water Gas at Atmospheric Pressure on a Precipitated Fe-Cu-ThO2-K2CO3-Marshallite Catalyst.]  Jour. Gen. Chem. (U.S.S.R.), vol. 16, 1946, pp. 869-874; Chem. Abs., vol. 41, 1947, p. 1987.

     Precipitated Fe-Cu-ThO2-K2CO3-marshallite catalyst was shown to have a rather high effectiveness in the synthesis of hydrocarbons from water gas at 250 and atmospheric pressure.  The best catalyst contained a 1:2 ratio of ThO2:K2CO3, which was used in 2% amount relative to Fe.  Yields of solid paraffins as high as 13.6% are reported.