783.    ---------------.  [EIDUS, Y. T.]  [Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide by Joint Application of the Dynamic and Static Methods.  I.  Activity of the Complex Fe-Cu-ThO2-K2CO3-Kieselguhr Catalyst.]  Bull. Acad. Sci. U.R.S.S., Classe Sci. Chim., 1944, pp. 255-262; U.O.P. Co. Survey Foreign Petroleum Literature Transl. 492A; Chem. Abs., vol. 39, 1945, p. 2391.

     Reaction was studied in a current of gas and also, by rate of change of pressure, in a closed system.  On Fe-type catalysts, in contrast to the Co-type catalysts, the intermediate step in the synthesis is the formation of carbides.  The change in the activity of the catalyst Fe-Cu-ThO2-K2CO3-kieselguhr at the different moments of the contact process of formation of hydrocarbons from CO2 and H2 was studied by simultaneous application of the dynamic and static methods; the reaction of this contact mass to H2, CO, and CO2 separately and to water gas with addition of CO was also investigated.