777.    EGUCHI, T.  Synthesis of Methanol From Coal.  Fuel Econ., vol. 11, 1936, pp. 417-420; Trans. World Power Conf., 3d Chem. Eng. Cong., London, 1936; Chem. Zentralb, 1936, II, p. 3467; Chem. Abs., vol. 30, 1936, p. 7816.

     With reduced Cu as catalyst, 87% of the gas CO+H2 is converted to CH3OH at 250 and 100 atm.  S compounds, hydrocarbons of the C2H2 series, and gaseous Fe-group compounds are poisonous to Cu oxide catalysts but have less effect on Zn oxide catalysts.  A special catalyst operating at 230 and 100 atm. has been in use over a month with but slight decrease in CH3OH yield.  The gas is obtained directly from a gas generator with coal as a raw material.