768.    EDEBURN, P. W., SCHMIDT, L. D., McGEE, J. P., AND BONAR, F.  Pulverized Fuel Process for Synthesis-Gas Experimental nit Operating on Entrained Powder.  Am. Chem. Soc., 112th Meeting, Symposium on Production of Synthesis Gas, September 1947, pp. 123-136.

     Description of an experimental unit designed for the dual purpose of obtaining data for the design and construction of a large-scale unit to develop a new process using entrained powder for making synthesis gas from pulverized fuel, and for testing cokes, chars, and coal from various sources for their synthetic-gas-making properties.  A literature investigation disclosed that reactivity tests would not give the desired information because of the narrow reactivity range of solid fuels at gas-making temperatures.  The apparatus as designed includes a generator and a purification train. The heat insulated reaction chamber of the generator is a 3-inch-i. d. refractory tube 4 ft. long placed inside a concentric 6-inch tube of the same material, the latter extending 6 in. below the lower end of the inner tube.  The reacting materials and the flames for heating pass down the inner tube and then up the annular space between the tubes and out at the top to the purification train.  A novel and simple O2 : steam ratio controller is described.  Data obtained in 2 initial runs are included.

     EDWIN, B.  See abs. 161.

     EGLESON, G. C.  See abs. 3023.