750.    D0UCHENE, G., AND MARTIN, R.M.  [French Experimental Station for the Production of City Gas and Synthesis Gas From Fuveau Lignites.]  Chaleur et Ind., vol. 29, No. 274-275, May-June 1948, pp. 113-125, 149-156; Chem. Abs., vol. 42, 1948, p. 6514.

     Description with diagrams and operating data of an experimental plant for the production of city gas and synthesis gas by the Syngaz process developed by G. Szigeth of Hungary.  It appears to be a modification of the Woodall-duckham system. The process is continuous and includes the phases of carbonization, water-gas production, and gas conversion in the same apparatus.  The last step involves a reversal of the gas stream and cracking of the hydrocarbons and the CH4 by contact with the incandescent coke.  The results of two Syngaz runs reveal the production of synthesis gas with the correct CO:H2 ratio of 1:2.

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