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Process For The Preparation Of Hydrocarbons.

Patent Number: ES8602566

Publication date: 1985-09-04

Inventor(s): Post Martin Franciscus Maria;; Sie Swan Tiong

Applicant(s): Shell Int Research (NL)

Requested Patent: ES8602566

Application Number: EP19850200183 19850212

Priority Number(s): NL19840000608 19840228

IPC Classification: C07C1/04; B01J23/80; C07C1/06

EC Classification: B01J23/84, B01J23/86F, C07C1/04D2B, C07C1/04F2, B01J23/75, C07C1/04H

Equivalents: AU3916085, AU571059, BR8500867, CA1239425, DE3565394D, GB2154602, IN164153, JP1896840C, JP6018792B, JP60208930, NL8400608, NZ211238, ZA8501425, EP0153781, B1


Syngas with a H2/CO mol.ratio between 0.75 and 1.75 is converted into hydrocarbons by contacting it first with a special cobalt-containing Fischer-Tropsch catalyst under such conditions that the conversion lies within a specified range depending on the H2/CO mol.ratio of the syngas feed, and thereafter, after water removal, with a catalyst composition comprising both hydrocarbon synthesis- and CO-shift activity. A high H2 + CO-conversion combined with a high C5+ selectivity can be obtained starting from a syngas with a H2/CO mol.ratio (F) between 0.75 and 1.75 by carrying out the process in two stages as described hereinbefore under such conditions that in the first stage the following relation is met: in which C represents the H2 + CO-conversion in mol.%