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Reactor For Heterogeneous Catalytic Synthesis

Patent Number: ES8305593

Publication date: 1983-07-16


Applicant(s): Ammonia Casale SA (CH)

Requested Patent: ES8305593

Application Number: ES19820513926 19820713

Priority Number(s): ES19820513926 19820713

IPC Classification: B01J8/06; C07C31/04; C01C1/04

EC Classification:



A reactor for heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of ammonia, methanol, fuels, higher alcohols, monomers etc. comprises an external casing, with internal modular cartridges. The catalyst beds, equal in number to the cartridges, hold the granular catalysts between a solid end-plate and concentric cylindrical walls. - Means of extracting the gaseous prod. and temp. control are provided. In the central cylindrical space is a heat exchanger through which passes the gaseous product after reaction, and (separately) an external supply of water or other heat extracting fluid. GBAB- GB2122102 B A reactor for heterogeneous catalytic synthesis, comprising an external shell having an inlet for reactants and an outlet for reaction products and the reactor further including one or more modular cartridges having two perforated concentric nested cylindrical walls which together with a solid base there between define a substantially annular basket holding granular catalyst, the outer wall being perforated along substantially the whole of its length and the inner wall being perforated along a shorter axial length than the outer wall, wherein the reactor further includes a heat-exchanger located in the cylindrical space limited by the inner cylindrical wall of the or at least one of the cartridges, the arrangement being such that, in operation, reacted gas from the catalyst bed passes through the inner perforated wall and encounters the heat exchanger which is arranged to conduct water there through to cool gas flowing within the cylindrical space, which space has variable vents located at the bottom of the space to allow gas to exit from the space without contacting the heat exchanger.