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Hydrogen Enriched Hydrocarbons Production

Patent Number: ES8305406

Publication date: 1983-07-01


Applicant(s): UOP Inc (US)

Requested Patent: ES8305406

Application Number: ES19820513707 19820705

Priority Number(s): ES19820513707 19820705

IPC Classification: C10G1/08

EC Classification:



Ground coal or crude petroleum (containing asphaltenes and oils with at least 80% of compounds. with boiling points above 343.3oC) can undergo hydrogenation in the presence of a finely divided metallic catalyst at 12.8 to 510oC and hydrogen at 3.450 to 68.950 kPa. The effluent gas is separated, ash is separated from at least part of the reaction zone effluent, and at least some of the liquid phase from the conversion zone is recycled.