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A Method For The Selective Oxidation Of Methane To Synthesis Gas

Patent Number: ES2114447

Publication date: 1998-05-16

Inventor(s): Franco Garrido M Jose (ES); Gomez Martin Juan Pedro (ES); Pena Jimenez Miguel (ES); Terreros Ceballos Pilar (ES); Jimenez Mateos Jose Miguel (ES); Vic Bellon Sebastian (ES)

Applicant(s): E N A G A S S A (ES)

Requested Patent: ES2114447

Application Number: ES19950001575 19950802

Priority Number(s): ES19950001575 19950802

IPC Classification: C01B3/40

EC Classification:



A method for the selective oxidation of methane to synthesis gas. A process for producing synthesis gas by the partial oxidation of methane, using a higher than stoichiometric molar hydrocarbon-to-oxidizing-agent ratio to produce combustion of the hydrocarbon on a catalytic bed comprising a nickel-based catalyst is described. The gas flow in the reactor is downwards and the reaction products are withdrawn continuously.