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Development of Cobalt Catalysts Promoted by Magnesium, Vanadium or Cerium Oxides for the Synthesis of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons from the Synthesis Gas (CO H2)

Patent Number: ES2021494

Publication date: 1991-11-01

Inventor(s): Garcia, Fierro J. L. (ES), Rodriguez, Ramos I. (ES), Guerrero, Ruiz A. (ES)

Applicant(s): Consejo Superior Investigacion (ES)

Requested Patent: ES2021494

Application Number: ES19900000543 19900223

Priority Number(s): ES19900000543 19900223

IPC Classification: B01J37/02; B01J21/10; B01J23/22; B01J23/10

EC Classification:



Development of cobalt catalysts promoted by magnesium, vanadium or cerium oxides for the synthesis of unsaturated hydrocarbons from the synthesis gas (CO+H2), in which the previously purified high surface area carbon is doped with the oxides by impregnation or adsorption with solutions of the respective salts in ethanol or water. The impregnates are dried and calcined at 420oC in a nitrogen flux. The cobalt is deposited on this precursor, either by impregnation with a solution of the nitrate or by adsorption of the carbonyl [CO2(CO)8] dissolved in pentane. The activation is then performed in a hydrogen flux at temperatures between 300 and 450oC. The catalysts are used in the Fischer-Tropsch reaction on mixtures of CO and H2 in the ratio of 1 to 2 by volume. The promoted catalysts show high activity per gram of metal, independent of the presence of the promoters.