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Activated Cobalt Or Nickel Catalyst For Synthesis Gas Conversion

Patent Number: ES2001052

Publication date: 1988-04-16

Inventor(s): Kibby Charles Lee;; Kobylinski Thaddeus P;; Pannell Richard Byron;; Eddy Elizabeth Leigh

Applicant(s): Shell Int Research (NL)

Requested Patent: ES2001052

Application Number: ES19860000719 19860730

Priority Number(s): ES19860000719 19860730

IPC Classification: B01J23/74

EC Classification:



Preparation of an activated, supported catalyst comprises depositing a Co or Ni precursor on a refractory metal oxide support by impregnation or precipitation, and activating the obtained supported catalyst by, in sequence: (i) reduction in H2 gas; (ii) oxidation in O2-containing gas, and (iii) reduction in H2 gas; all steps being at 100-450oC. The obtained catalyst and conversion of synthesis gas to a produect containing liquid hydrocarbons using the catalyst are also claimed.