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Heat And Chemical Products Obtained Without Air Pollution From Fuel Gas

Patent Number: ES2000543

Publication date: 1988-03-01


Applicant(s): Schick Josef Hubert (DE)

Requested Patent: ES2000543

Application Number: ES19860000471 19860722

Priority Number(s): ES19860000471 19860722

IPC Classification: F23C9/00; F23C9/06

EC Classification:



Process for production of thermal energy from a hydrocarbon fuel, using combustion, comprises a cyclic process, including a decomposition reaction stage (I) and a combustion reaction stage (II) coupled in series. Into (I) are fed a primary hydrocarbon fuel with reducing reactivity, and a carbon oxide gas stemming from (II), and they react to form synthesis gas. The synthesis gas is fed as secondary fuel with an oxidant to (II) and there burnt, the thermal energy released there being recovered in the form of steam, and the carbon oxide gas produced being fed to (I). The synthesis gas from (I) is preferably converted catalytically to another secondary fuel, e.g. MeOH, before burning in (II), and part of the secondary fuel can then be used as chemical raw material.